What You Need to Know About Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z the movie has been successful in getting positive reviews from a significant number of movie lovers over quite sometime now and it has been the main reason behind the introduction of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle.

DBZ: Dokkan Battle is a mobile phone game that was introduced back in Japan to be able to spread the awareness and to maintain some of its move lovers. The game can be downloaded by any Android phone or device that uses the IOS software and still gain the same gaming experience between players. Before going ahead and download the game, there are few things first need to know. See the best information about dragon ball z dokkan battle.

Years of Existence

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle was introduced back in the year 2015 by one of the official Dragon Ball Z movie staff in Japan. At first since it was a new game and not many people were recorded to have downloaded it, the game did not have various many features as it currently has when you download it of late.

Back then, the game creators were still collecting reviews from some of the people who were able to download and play it over their phones but despite their less features, the game still had its high influence over a number of game lovers. It has been recorded to be a successful game till of late where it much advanced now in their features and with a significant number of players.


In the game there is a list of characters that you can pick for you to play with through your venture throughout the game. However, you can add more fun and make the game to be lively by having a partner who will join you as you form a tag team force where you will venture the various stages together. One thing you should know about the players is they are many since a significant number of people will be joining the game as players. Learn more about dokkan battle jap

Each of the players have different levels depending on their attack and defense as well. When you start you will be given a new player that is quite low when it comes to their levels and you are needed to fight all the way up to the top.

Throughout the missions, players with special skills will be unlocked as others you will be forced to purchase them with the coins that you will earn as you defeat your opponent. You players at some point will need to be upgraded as well so the coins will come in handy for this purpose as well.